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Asian Commercial Professionals (“ACP”) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based 501(c) (6) non-profit organization with a mission to advance Asians Americans to become leaders in the commercial real estate and facilities industries.  Consistent with this mission and to encourage and recognize excellence in pursuing careers in all aspects of commercial real estate and facilities industry, ACP is providing the following scholarship opportunities for professionals and students. As of 2023 we have awarded a total of $90,000 to 40+ scholarship winners. 

Scholarship Opportunities/Eligibility:

ACP will award several Scholarships between $2,000 and $2,500.  The Scholarships will be awarded to deserving Asian-Americans in the Bay Area in two categories:

(1) Students currently enrolled (a) as a graduating high school senior or (b) in college or applicable trade school, pursuing a career in fields related to Architecture, Engineering, Commercial Real Estate, Facility Management, or Construction Trades.  Awarded Scholarships must be used for tuition and books.

(2) Professionals working in Commercial Real Estate / Facilities Management in fields such as facility/property management, construction/engineering, brokerage, finance, architecture, appraisal or related fields.  Awarded Scholarships must be used towards the cost of certification programs such as IFMA FMP, IFMA CFM, BOMA RPA, CCIM or other professional development or licensing programs.

Please download the application for all application requirements. 



Lisa Fung (Student)

My career goal is to become a civil engineer and researcher to develop effective solutions in

computational modeling and apply those solutions to improve civil planning, renewable

energy generation, and distribution. I hope that my research can bring measurable

improvement to the commercial real estate and facilities industry.

Wesley Miller (Student)

After I graduate, I plan to be a part of facilities management. My dream job is joining a

construction management company. I enjoy the planning aspect of construction

management. I also enjoy working together as a team and knowing others on the team

have your back and can help when you can’t figure something out.

Yunyang Liu (Student)

My career goal is robotics engineering, gaining hands-on experience in the field through

internships and entry-level positions. I also want to set up mentorship and education

workshops or programs, guiding young Asian-American students who are interested in

STEM and robotics.

Laura Khuu (Student)

Being first-generation is my first reason for applying to this scholarship; I have to pursue

my dreams of higher education and show future generations that it is possible. I hope

to organize opportunities to increase exposure in architecture, engineering, and the

commercial real estate/facility management industry for Asian-American youth in

diverse communities

Linda Li (Student)

Following graduation and licensure, I plan to seek opportunities with architectural

companies that specialize in residential projects. Additionally, I aspire to transition into the

construction industry, where I can contribute to project management and insight into the

development process, with my long-term goal to address the housing shortage in the Bay


Hong La (Working Professional)

I will use this scholarship for IFMA FMP courses, which will help me become an

exceptional Facility Management Professional. Once I obtain the FMP certification, I

will begin my career change to a Facilities Manager. The resources provided by ACP

will help strengthen my ability to be an outstanding role model for future youth in the

Asian American Community.

Joshua Lee (J.Lee Real Estate Group)

My career goal is to obtain a Certified General Appraiser License and work with a

commercial appraisal firm in the Bay Area. Classes and fees for commercial real estate

appraisal education can be quite expensive, so the scholarship will help make this

education more attainable.

Dylan Gee (Working Professional)

I intend to pursue a career in the Bay Area commercial real estate industry, specifically in

asset management, while actively participating in mentoring programs. Receiving this

scholarship would not only validate my efforts but also provide the resources necessary to

pursue my career goals.

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