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Asian Commercial Professionals (“ACP”) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based 501(c) (6) non-profit organization with a mission to advance Asians Americans to become leaders in the commercial real estate and facilities industries.  Consistent with this mission and to encourage and recognize excellence in pursuing careers in all aspects of commercial real estate and facilities industry, ACP is providing the following scholarship opportunities for professionals and students. As of 2023 we have awarded a total of $90,000 to 40+ scholarship winners. 

Scholarship Opportunities/Eligibility:

ACP will award several Scholarships between $2,000 and $2,500.  The Scholarships will be awarded to deserving Asian-Americans in the Bay Area in two categories:

(1) Students currently enrolled (a) as a graduating high school senior or (b) in college or applicable trade school, pursuing a career in fields related to Architecture, Engineering, Commercial Real Estate, Facility Management, or Construction Trades.  Awarded Scholarships must be used for tuition and books.

(2) Professionals working in Commercial Real Estate / Facilities Management in fields such as facility/property management, construction/engineering, brokerage, finance, architecture, appraisal or related fields.  Awarded Scholarships must be used towards the cost of certification programs such as IFMA FMP, IFMA CFM, BOMA RPA, CCIM or other professional development or licensing programs.

Please download the application for all application requirements. 



Susan Huang (Student)

"This scholarship is extremely important to me because  the cost of attending college will create a financial burden on my family and it will allow me to further my studies in real estate giving me more options for my future 

After college graduation, I plan to join Related Companies—a real estate firm committed to bringing a positive social, economic, and environmental impact to communities and the real estate industry by developing sustainable and unique affordable housing, retail centers, and office buildings" - Susan Huang

Lisa Fung (Student)

"I applied for this scholarship to help fund part of my college education   In college, I plan to study geoengineering and civil engineering, to create solutions for urban sustainability problems such as renewable energy generation and distribution.  After college, my career goal is to become a civil engineer and researcher to develop effective solutions in computational modeling and apply those solutions to improve civil planning, renewable energy generation, and distribution.

 I hope that my research can bring measurable improvement to the commercial real estate and facilities industry, and lead to the creation of more sustainable and effective renewable energy infrastructure that will benefit our highly urbanized society." - Lisa Fung

Matthew Durham (Working Professional)

"The reason that I applied for this scholarship is for the development of skills that will help me reach my long-term career goals.  One of these goals is a credential with the International Facility Management Association.  My knowledge of facility management is something that will also translate to managing facilities for people who struggle with housing, access to electricity, and access to food.

What I would like my readers to take away from this is that my interest in the field of facilities management is not just a career goal, but a life goal for me. It serves as an opportunity to grow upon my experience as a first generation American and show my family that their immigration from the Philippines to America was worth the struggle." - Matthew Durham

Diljot Kaur (Cushman & Wakefield)

"This scholarship will help to pay toward my Real Estate licensing courses, application, and exam fees. Having pivoted from the Engineering and Design industry into Commercial Real Estate means I’m starting at the bottom.

And being new to San Francisco market, it is of utmost importance to me to hit the ground running and start prospecting and expanding my network. However, in the absence of a license, there is only limited exposure that I can legally gain to this process, and I feel restricted in my ability to perform. The scholarship will immensely aid me in purchasing the right content and obtaining my license in a timely manner." - Diljot Kaur

Celine Mui Simon (KW Commercial)

"I am currently working on achieving my CCIM designation. The scholarship would be most welcomed to offset any and all costs (including travel) to take the final exam slated for October 24, 2023 in Seattle, and the highly esteemed Ward Center for Real Estate courses offered through CCIM which would enable me to enhance my financial investment analysis tools for the benefit of my commercial real estate clientele.

 The ACP Scholarship would be invaluable in helping me achieve my goals, both professionally and as a mento for other Asian Americans.  I am deeply committed to promoting success in the commercial real estate industry, regardless of one’s background or personal circumstances.  By providing financial assistance for CCUM education, the ACP Scholarship would empower me to make a lasting impact in this field." - Celine Mui Simon

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