Helping Asian Americans become leaders in the commercial real estate & facility industries

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The ACP Mentorship/Leadership Program provides education, resources, and guidance to the future generation of Asians Americans in Commercial Real Estate. The program provides a formal Mentoring and Leadership platform that focuses on career development and best practices within the Commercial Real Estate profession.


The ACP Mentoring/Leadership program recommends a one-year mentoring and leadership development relationship between paired mentors and mentees. You may apply to the program either as a mentee or mentor. We will use the application forms to help pair individuals. Matched pairs who agree to the relationship will then sign a contract form formalizing their participation over the next 12 months or the agreed upon term.

What the Program Will Do

  • Provide mentees with access to knowledgeable Asian Americans Commercial Real Estate (AACRE) professionals who can offer a wealth of experience and advice that can lead to career development.
  • Help less experienced AACRE explore career goals and/or enhance their skill set and knowledge of commercial real estate to achieve their greatest potential.
  • Help AACRE or others considering career transition to explore new pathways.
  • Allow senior members to mentor others and share their experiences, unique to Asian Americans.
  • Widen the horizons of our scholarship recipients to a career in CRE.

Meet Our 2023 Mentors

  • We have mentors who have been in our industry for many years in many different aspects of the industry.

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