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Stuart Lee

Immediate Past President

He is employed at Jtec as a senior project manager for the design and construction of hospital and medical facilities for the past 5 years.  Stuart is a LEED Accredited Professional and a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Besides Wayne Huie and Mike Ma, he is one of the three founding members of ACP which started in 2003.  He help drive and organize the first ACP “Kickoff Celebration” in May of 2005 featuring Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki at the World Trade Club in San Francisco. He is committed to supporting and promoting Asian American involvement and leadership in the construction, real estate, facility management industry and giving back to the community that has given so much to him.

Stuart is an active golfer (hacker) and enjoys the moments when the swing is pure, straight and the drive is long. He also enjoys riding a road bicycle imagining that he is on the Tour de France conquering mountains.

Among his favorite travel destinations are Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Shanghai, Munich, Frankfurt, New York, Washington DC.,  Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Honolulu, Kyoto – He would revisit all of these great cities again in a heart beat. 

Because he once worked for the National Park Service as a ranger naturalist, camp fee collector and firefighter, his work associates put a label on his hard hat as “Smokey”.  But that was really because he was always putting out fires in the general contracting construction business!

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