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25 photo(s) Updated on: February 19, 2017
  • Red envelope for each guest, courtesy of Chef Chu's
  • Lana Gosnell and Helen Duong
  • Chef Chu and Helen Duong
  • Lana Gosnell, Tom Dao, Katie Tse
  • Cameron Hong, Helen Duong, guest and Stewart Lee
  • Stewart Lee and Dave Tokiwa
  • Stewart Lee, Dave Tokiwa and Tom Dao
  • Tom Dao and Stewart Lee
  • Tom Dao and Stewart Lee
  • Lana Gosnell and Alan Pong
  • Cameron Hong and Katie Tse
  • Katie Tse and Lana Gosnell
  • Presentation of lamb dish and Helen Duong and Stewart Lee look on
  • The guests enjoying the lobster sea food and lamb dish
  • Chef Chu is always gracious with the photo ops!
  • Chef Chu is very proud of his wall sculpture of dragons.
  • Another group shot with Chef Chu.
  • Tom Dao, Helen Duong and Cameron Hong with his homemade chocolates!
  • Katie Tse speaking on feng shui
  • Katie Tse addressing audience.
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