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31 photo(s) Updated on: March 24, 2016
  • Gerard Wen
  • Teknion Showroom
  • Alan Pong, Gerard Wen
  • Pat Hallet, Alan Pong
  • Wayne Huie, Jamie Ray, Cameron Hong, Raffy Espiritu, Christine Chen
  • David Famero, Priscilla Vuong, Stuart Lee
  • Henry Kwong, David Mar, David Chan
  • Tom Dao as moderator
  • Keynote speaker Helen Vu
  • Helen Vu, Tom Dao
  • Helen Vu with full attention of the audience
  • Cameron Hong, Wayne Huie, Helen Vu
  • Stuart Lee, Eric Lee
  • Henry Kwong, Erin Uesugi
  • Helen Vu, Tom Dao
  • Stuart Lee, Tom Dao
  • Karen Banducci, Eric Lee
  • Phil Tang, Helen Vu
  • Phil Tang, Helen Vu, Aziz Khatri, Raffy Espiritu
  • Cameron Hong, Karen Banducci, Leslie Thompson, Lana Gosnell, Eric Lee
  • Pinky Khatri, Gerard Wen, Keith Lee, Allen Wong
  • Alan Pong, Jamie Ray
  • Lana Gosnell, Helen Vu, Tom Dao
  • Allen Wong, Karen Baducci
  • Bristol Farms Catering
  • Delicious food!
  • Yummy desserts!
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